Update: Explosion rocks home near Byron

dodge co explosion

DODGE CO., Minn. – Authorities say a family is lucky to be alive after the home they are in explodes.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened at 27270 CR 34 right near Highway 14 Thursday morning. A mother and two young daughters were able to get out of the home after the blast unharmed. Law enforcement say when they respond to these calls, they always have their minds going. “Well we fear for the worst and hope and pray for the best. Fortunately the people were not hurt at all, which is the most important thing,” Deputy Mark Dyshaw with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office said.

As for the family, they say the incident happened so fast. “To be honest, I really didn’t think, I just knew where my front door was and I ran for it. I carried her while the eldest one ran,” Salina Tschida said.

The state will now be investigating the cause.



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