Meeting a legend in chemistry


AUSTIN, Minn. – For many people, having a role model, is having someone that you look up to, and for students at the Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota in Austin, they got to meet someone that’s gone above and beyond in their line of work.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Robert Huber, is talking to them about what he loves most: chemistry.

“Well it was so different at that time, I studied chemistry, I would say hardcore chemistry, so mixing in large bottles,” said Dr. Huber.

Dr. Huber is originally from the city of Munich.  He says, he’s where he’s at today because of his passion for chemistry and making a difference.

Dr. Huber won the Nobel Peace Prize for his research of the structure of a protein complex in 1988. Now, he’s in Austin to see what these students are doing in the cancer research field.

“To hear about what is going on, its very much focused on cancer, which is a major threat to mankind. It interest me,” said Dr. Huber.

Dr. Zigang Dong is the professor that invited him to Hormel, and in the simplest terms, he says seeing Dr. Huber is thrilling.

“I’m very proud and I’m very happy,” said Dr. Dong.

Dr. Dong says he’s hoping his students understand that they can make a difference, just like Dr. Huber.

He won the Nobel Prize along with two other researchers.

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