Freeborn County Relay for Life


ALBERT LEA, Minn.- Hundreds of people gathered Friday evening at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds to honor the fight against cancer.

This was the 12th annual Freeborn County Relay for Life. Some of the keynote speakers at the event included Lynn Berven who is breast cancer survivor, as well as 8-year-old Dakota Malakowsky who was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 2-years-old. They are the Honorary Cancer Survivors this year.

Sarah Finley is the Freeborn County Relay for Life Specialist. She says that none of this could have been possible without all the help from the volunteers, but she took the position to honor her husband who is a cancer survivor.

“Everything I do is because of my husband,” Finley says.  “He has survived Osteosarcoma for 13 years.  So that is the reason I walk. For all the rest of the survivors also, but he is number one on my list.”

Finley also says that two out of three people are cancer survivors and she is working with the National Cancer Society to try and make everyone who is diagnosed with cancer a survivor.

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