Hunting in city limits


MASON CITY, Iowa – As the deer population in Mason City continues to grow, some hope a new proposal for hunting within city limits, can solve the issue.

It points to as many as 18 other cities in Iowa, where bow-hunting deer within city limits is allowed.

City leaders say council-members appear to be open to the idea as long as no firearms are being used.

City Administrator, Brent Trout says he’s received complaints from residents who say their property has been damaged by deer in the area.

“It’s common that based on the size of our city, we have a lot going on at certain areas where deer would spend their time. So therefore it’s not unreasonable to consider the idea of hunting and allowing them to be hunted,” said Trout.

City leaders say they have also considered establishing deer management zones in collaboration with the Iowa DNR.

These zones will give residents a safe location to bow-hunt in the city without worry.

According to the Iowa DNR, currently 25 state and county parks have these kinds of zones.

“This would be a lot more general and allow it within the entire city limits. If the conditions were appropriate for allowing hunting private property, both owners would be required to get permission in order for someone to hunt,” said Trout.

In the town of Marshalltown, residents can apply for a bow hunter safety education course and ultimately, an “urban bow hunting permit”.

Trout says he intends on trying to mirror any proposal after Marshalltown’s current policies on bow hunting.

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