Gearing up for an explosive week

News at 10-VO1

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s the start of an explosive week in our area. Mason City is the host for this year’s Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention.

Anytime you’re dealing with millions of dollars worth of explosives, you’re going to want to make sure everything runs smoothly.

That’s why Saturday crews were hard at work getting everything ready for the big firework displays.

Companies like Flashing Thunder out of Mitchell, were busy getting their displays ready.

There’s a lot of work to be done, especially to make sure everyone is safe.

“In our 44 years of experience, we have not had an insurance claim, and we intend to keep that record. Safety becomes our first effort. We have 32 people who wear red safety shirts, who are all around here. We coordinate all actions according to national code,” says President of the PGI, Dan Creagan.

He said he’s expecting about 2,500 PGI members from all around the world to make their way to Mason City for the convention which runs through the 15th.

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