Community comes out to support interim police chief

Coming together to support Rex McChesney

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – A lot can be accomplished when a community comes together. On Sunday, that couldn’t have been truer in Clear Lake.

Hundreds of people came out for a pancake breakfast benefit for Interim Chief, Rex McChesney with the Clear Lake Police Department. McChesney was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in May. In an effort to help pay for various medical expenses that have piled up over the past couple of months, the police and fire departments are joining together to help raise money for the family.

Rex’s wife, Jodie says the support they have seen has been overwhelming. She says, “whenever we are in need of anything, or if we just need to talk, there’s always somebody there,” including family friend Dan Jackson, also a former police chief with the Clear Lake Police Department.

Jackson was one of the many volunteers at the event on Sunday. He tells us that from when the benefit started at 7:00 a.m., to when things wrapped up, the lines were long and the crowds were large. “It’s just a great event,” Jackson says, “and everybody has a lot of real sad feelings for Rex and his family.”

Those sad feelings didn’t show on Sunday, and even though Rex is just beginning his tough battle with cancer, nothing has kept him from upholding his civic duty and serving the Clear Lake community. “I’m still working,” he says, “and I’m still putting in 40 hours but, sometimes I just get tired and I have to go and take a nap so, it’s hard.”

Even though the benefit is over, folks who wish to give back to the family can still do so at Farmers State bank in Clear Lake. The family has made an account and all donations can be made to the McChesney Family/McChesney account.

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