Police make two arrests and find stolen bikes from RAGBRAI

Stolen bikes return to owners

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – With any major event comes a handful of setbacks, and for RAGBRAI, one bump in the road was stolen bikes.

The Mason City and Clear Lake Police Departments tell us they had reports of 11 bicycles thefts during the Mason City overnight. However, thanks to an arrest over the weekend, officials are getting a little closer to getting these bikes back where they belong.

On Friday, 30-year-old Kenneth Filbrandt and 30-year-old Jennifer Lowman of Clear Lake were arrested, and accused of stealing the two bicycles they were riding. Police identified the bikes as two of the 11 stolen from RAGBRAI, but the connection Filbrandt and Lowman have with the stolen objects is still under investigation.

So far, the Clear Lake Police Department has apprehended two of the 11 missing bicycles, and the Mason City Police Department have found an additional four. The search will continue, and the owner of the two most recent bikes found in the area, has been contacted.

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