Primary elections set for Tuesday


KIMT News 3 – It’s the last day of campaigning for candidates as they prepare for Minnesota’s primary elections on Tuesday.

One of the biggest races is who will face Governor Mark Dayton this November.

Other races include the US Senate seat in Minnesota, Freeborn County Sheriff’s position and mayoral races across the state.

Minnesota election officials say they expect voter turn out to be strong this year with the number of candidates involved.

“In the midterm election we see turn out at about 10 to 15 percent. That’s what we’re projecting again for this. Our goal is to remind and encourage all Minnesota voters if eligible, to get involved in this, get informed and get to the polls,” said Director of Communications, Nathan Bowie with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

With Minnesota being one of only a handful of states where you don’t need to declare a party, officials say it gives others a chance to vote with the freedom to vote for the candidates they choose.

We’ll have more election day coverage Tuesday on KIMT News 3.

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