The ‘vampire facial’ makes its way to north Iowa

MASON CITY, Iowa – A new anti-aging treatment has made its way from Chicago and Los Angeles, to a clinic in north Iowa.

It’s called a vampire facial, and according to nurse practitioners with the North Iowa Family Health Care clinic, it’s all the rage for movie stars and big celebrities like Kim Kardashian. The name might sound scary, but we are told it is called that because the procedure uses the patients’ blood.

The idea is to extract a blood sample from the patient, use the sample to harvest plasma and use the natural plasma growth hormones to correct wrinkles and fine lines in the patients’ face. It’s an out-of-the-box idea, but Nicolle Medina, a nurse practitioner and owner of the North Iowa Family Health Care clinic says it makes a huge difference and it’s already starting to catch on.

“We probably have about six or seven [patients] right now, and they have told all of their friends, so we continue to have more people inquiring about it all the time,” Medina explains. She says that because this treatment has been so popular on a pop-culture level, it has sparked more interest than any other procedure they offer at their facility.

However, it doesn’t come cheap. Medina says that a non-plasma option at their clinic costs $300, and the plasma procedure comes to a grand total of $600. Because these facials are a cosmetic procedure, we are told they are not covered under health insurance.

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