Charles City School Board moves projects forward


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Leaders of a local school district are looking ahead to the future of their buildings. On Monday night, Charles City School Board members had a busy night of planning. They have contracted BLDD Architects to plan the single campus school project. At the meeting, two representatives of the architect firm presented a budget and schedule review, as well as some interior and exterior drawings. The board had to decide which timeline would be best, and decided on “Phase One” with construction ending by the 2016/2017 school year.

“Phase One” includes the middle school, while “Phase Two” includes the high school. That phase will be started as soon as a bond is passed.

Also discussed on Monday night, was what they want and need for a new athletic complex. One school member says, juggling two major projects is a lot of work, but will definitely be worth it.

“A lot going on, doing both is very hectic and mind boggling at times, but I think we’ve come to a point in time where we’re ready to make a decision,” says Scott Dight.

As of now, they have hired SHE Yaggy to locate three areas of land which would be suitable for a large complex. Just a few of the items on the athletic complex wish list are several baseball and softball fields, as well as practice fields, and plenty of parking. By September 9th, the school board hopes to decide on a plot of land for this complex. We’re told if there is enough space, that area could potentially solve their need for a transportation center as well.

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