North Iowa town raises money to build a new pool

New pool plans for Nora Springs

NORA SPRINGS, Iowa – Plans are in the works for a new aquatic center in Nora Springs.

The city council has been working on this project for a little over a year. So far, they have not only drafted up plans costing around $3.5 million, but the city has already raised $2 million toward the project.

One of the biggest and most recent fundraisers for the facility was a steak and eggs breakfast for riders coming through town for RAGBRAI. City officials tell us more than $22,000 dollars was raised from that single event.

On Tuesday evening, members with the Nora Springs city council met to discuss grant options for the project. They are working on finding the last $1.5 million needed to build the new facility. The plan is to rebuild on the current aquatic center land, just east of the downtown area in Nora Springs, and city leaders tell us they are hoping to get funds squared away as soon as possible so construction can begin.

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