Primary Election Results: Johnson to face Dayton, Hagedorn to face Walz

Minnesota voters at polling place



MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – County commissioner Jeff Johnson wins crowded Republican primary for Minnesota governor.

BULLETIN (AP) – Jim Hagedorn, GOP, nominated U.S. House, District 1, Minnesota.

BULLETIN (AP) – Steve Simon, DFL, nominated Secretary of State, Minnesota.

BULLETIN (AP) – Scott Newman, GOP, nominated Attorney General, Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Businessman Mike McFadden wins Minnesota GOP Senate primary; takes on Al Franken in November.

BULLETIN (AP) – Al Franken, DFL, nominated U.S. Senate, Minnesota.

BULLETIN (AP) – Mark Dayton, DFL, nominated Governor, Minnesota.

BULLETIN (AP) – Rebecca Otto, DFL, nominated Auditor, Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Former Rep. Matt Entenza has conceded defeat to State Auditor Rebecca Otto in Democratic race.





US Senator (98% Reporting)

DFL Party:

Al Franken 95%

Sandra Henningsgard 5%


Independence Party:

Tom Books 13%

Steve Carlson 33%

Jack Shepard 18%

Kevin Terrell 21%

Stephen Williams 13%


Republican Party:

Jim Abeler 14%

David Carlson 9%

Mike McFadden 72%

Patrick Munro 2%

O. Savior 1%



US Representative District 1 (98% Reporting)

Republican Party:

Jim Hagedorn 53%

Aaron Miller 46%



Governor and Lt. Governor (98% Reporting)

DFL Party:

Bill Dahn and James Vigliotti 2%

Leslie Davis and Gregory Soderberg 4%

Mark Dayton and Tina Smith 93%


Republican Party:

Merrill Anderson and Mark Anderson 3%

Scott Honour and Karin Housley 21%

Jeff Johnson and Bill Kuisle 30%

Marty Seifert and Pam Myhra 21%

Kurt Zellers and Dean Simpson 24%



Secretary of State (98% Reporting)

Independence Party:

Bob Helland 51%

David Singleton 49%


DFL Party:

Dick Franson 29%

Gregg Iverson 28%

Steve Simon 43%



State Auditor (98% Reporting)

DFL Party:

Matt Entenza 19%

Rebecca Otto 81%



Attorney General (98% Reporting)

Republican Party:

Sharon Anderson 36%

Scott Newman 63%



Fillmore County

County Commissioner District 3 (100% Reporting)

Mark Gusa 10%

Harry Root 37%

Roger Sanford 22%

Fred Scheevel 28%



Freeborn County

Sheriff (100% Reporting)

Kurt Freitag 37%

Dale Glazier 29%

Bob Kindler 32%


Albert Lea City Council, Ward 6 (100% Reporting)

Al “Minnow” Brooks 46%

Matt Maras 47%

Sergio Salgado Jr. 6%



Mower County

Austin City Council, Ward 2 (100% Reporting)

David Hagen 55%

Alex Mayfield 5%

Marvin Repinski 8%

Brian Staska 30%



Olmsted County

Rochester Mayor (100% Reporting)

Ardell Brede 52%

Stephanie Kilen 21%

Cindy Maves 27%


Rochester School Board (100% Reporting)

Nora Dooley 19%

Matthew Halleck 7%

Jean Marvin 40%

Terry Throndson 33%



Steele County

County Commissioner District 1 (73% Reporting)

James Brady 50%

Bruce Kubicek 39%

Dan Nechville 10%

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