Public records proposal raises concerns


MASON CITY, Iowa – An incident in our area is stirring up some controversy about open records that are available throughout the state of Iowa.

The Iowa Public Information Board is hoping to limit police secrecy with a new proposal that would clarify when Iowa law enforcement can withhold information from the public.

This comes after an event in Worth County where deputies, during a confrontation, used a taser on a man who later died.

KIMT News 3 spoke to the Cerro Gordo County Attorney who says he’s concerned that with this proposal, more information could be given out than is necessary.

“I appreciate transparency, but at the cost of jeopardizing investigations, at the cost of possibly affecting victims, or even defendants rights; I’m concerned about that,” says Carlyle Dalen.

Another concern regarding the proposal is that it would discourage sexual victims from reporting crimes, if they fear sensitive material used in investigations could become available to the public.

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