Dying lawns


FOREST CITY, Iowa- Front lawns take a beating when we don’t have enough rain, and you have probably seen much of the grass in the area, is turning brown. Many people don’t want to use water to keep the grass green when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

A lawn specialist says he isn’t worried about the lawns changing colors, as long as we have some rain coming soon.

“Lawns need at least one inch of rain a week,” Dennis Huling says. “So you are going to want to give it two, half-inch waterings during the week, otherwise just let the lawn go dormant. It will come back by itself as soon as we get a nice ran.”

Huling says that even though so many of the lawns are brown right now, it was much worse in 2012.  He recalls several of the yards having white grass from the lack of rain.

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