Internet outages cause problems for businesses


MASON CITY, Iowa – An internet outage earlier this week caused problems for many folks in Mason City. Those businesses relying on Mediacom internet had no way of taking credit or debit cards for much of the morning and early afternoon.

For many folks, that’s all they carry with them. It resulted in some companies turning away business. Those at Pita Pit saw plenty of people leave when they saw the sign on their front door. One store employee says, it definitely put a damper on business.

“There’s been a few people who noticed the sign on the door, and just turn right around. A couple other people didn’t notice it, so we told them up front and they either turned around and went to get cash and came back or I just haven’t seen them come back yet,” says Chris Groatz.

Those with Mediacom say the outage is due to problems with their server. Now, all should be back to normal.

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