New referendum set for public safety center

Inmate analysis complete in Winnebago County

FOREST CITY, Iowa – Winnebago County voters will head back to the polls this November to vote again on a new public safety center.

The county board of supervisors has approved a $4.5 million bond referendum on a 16,444 square foot facility that will include the county sheriff’s office, E9-1-1 emergency management and a 22 bed jail.  The Forest City Police Department will not be a part of the proposed building.

Voters turned down a referendum to spend over $5 million on a new public safety center in March.  This proposal is smaller and less expensive.  Winnebago County Supervisor Terry Durby says “It is a minimal bare bones facility that will meet the current needs of the county.”

The new referendum will be on the November 4 general election ballot.

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