Fun with Frederick & Fleming – Super Absorbent

Fun with Frederick and Fleming - Super Absorbent Materials

Welcome to this week’s fun with Frederick and Fleming.

It has been dry across the area as of late, and today we will discuss a good way to be able to help keep your plants watered.

Today we have two cups that have a secret to helping keep those plants moist.

The two cups are filled with water, but also a little something extra……

This is a water absorbent polymer jelly marble. There are a couple of science concepts that we can learn about these. First, these jelly marbles will soak up about 300 times their weight in water. This makes them good to hydrate and then mix in with dirt for plants because it will help hold the moisture in the dirt longer.

Another interesting thing about these jelly marbles is that they have the exact same same refractive index as water. So, when in the water, they refract the light the same as the water around it does and therefore they are almost invisible to the eye.

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