Impacts of loud PGI fireworks


MASON CITY, Iowa – Throughout this week in Mason City, one could hear the Pyrotechnics Guild International, or PGI, folks shooting off unique fireworks.

Their finale show on Friday is sold out, which means over 5,500 people will be in attendance. Those colorful explosions can get very loud though. According to the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, fireworks can get up to 150 decibels. That’s higher than a jet plane take-off siren.

Businesses and homeowners tell us those bangs vibrate through their homes and establishments, shaking windows and moving objects. One store employee who works across the street, tells us his experience.

“The bigger fireworks over there are really bright. Actually, the past couple ones have been landing up to the store and the windows shake a lot,” says Dilan Ott with O’Reilly Auto Parts.

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