More than 1,000 tires found in river

A Thousand Tires

MOWER COUNTY, Minn. – A local volunteer group has been working to keep a southern Minnesota river clean, and they have something to show for their efforts.

The Conservation Corps has collected more than 1,000 tires since 2011.

“It’s very gratifying to see all of the tires piles up that we pull out each day. It’s very rewarding, because you can physically see how much work you’ve done,” said Conservation Corps Crew Leader, Travis Wilder.

Since they began cleaning a 19-mile stretch of the Cedar River south of Austin, they found around 1,100 tires. More than 400 were found within the last seven days.

“A lot of these tires have been here for many years, but this time of the year, the water’s low enough where we can see most of them, and are able to get them out. It’s an aesthetic thing. You don’t want to see tires all over the river,” Wilder said.

Starting Monday, they will begin looking for scrap metal in the river.

This group also volunteers for “Project Aware,” which is an Iowa river clean-up effort.

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