Record crop is not all good news for area farmers

Record Crops

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – It is looking like it will be a great year for farmers across the country, but it is not all good news in our area.

Some of the best growing conditions in years are leading to a record haul of corn and soybeans.

That is bringing the prices for those products down to the lowest they have been since 2010, but that is not the concern for farmers in our area.

Before the prime weather conditions came, we experienced one of the wettest springs in a while. That caused crop loss for some farmers.

“It’s probably anywhere from six to ten percent on a whole. In drowned out spots and spots that are weakened because of too much water standing on them,” said Albert Lea Farmer, Brad Nelson.

He said the record crop is still good news, because it brings the demand back up, which dropped after the drought in 2012.

“Hopefully you’ve done some advance marketing, and sold when prices were better. That’s why we’ve got grain bins and that sort of thing. We can store it away for a while, and see if prices will rally come spring again,” Nelson said.

He said the prices should stay steady this fall pending any hail or an early frost. That would be even worse for our area, since Nelson said we are one of the first to get frost.

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