Veterans seek removal of local chairman


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – One local group of veterans are signing away, hoping to remove their current chairman of affairs.

“He sets his own rules, he’s a bully,” says Dennis Hull, member of the Floyd County Veterans Affairs Commission.

He and many others are trying to remove current chairman, Dennis Sanvig, of his position. That’s why Hull started a petition and gave it to the Floyd County Board of Supervisors.

“I handed them the petition with 245 names on it, and these veterans that signed the petition want to see him gone,” says Hull.

He and his fellow veterans say Sanvig is unprofessional, doesn’t follow guidelines, and can’t control a meeting.

“The meetings are total chaos. The sheriff has been there on three different occasions to remove people,” says Hull.

“The over 8 years I was commissioner, we never once had a deputy sheriff there,” says former Commissioner, Ron Munshower.

These veterans say they have a great program, which brings in over three million dollars for local veterans, and they don’t want to see that compromised.

“Right now, it’s been all going down the tubes,” says Munshower.

“These veterans put their life on the line, and they come home looking for help. They don’t need this kind of down grading,” says Hull.

We spoke with Sanvig at his home, but he says at this time he wishes not to comment. It is now out of the veterans control.

“Next up, is to see what the supervisors are going to do with this petition, it’s in their hands now,” says Hull.

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