Bringing shoes to Africa

Collecting "Soles for Jesus"

KIMT News 3 – A St. Ansgar woman has been devoting much of her time to bringing shoes to parts of Africa.

An organization called Soles for Jesus started back in 2009 in Milwaukee, and the goal is to bring shoes to those less fortunate. Melissa Hultgren has already hosted two shoe drives and has collected more than 150 shoes.

It sounds like a lot, and Hultgren says it’s a number she is very proud of, but she tells us there still needs to be more. While many in the U.S. take shoes for granted, many see them as luxuries. Hultgren says these shoes are an important form of protective clothing for these people, and can be the difference between life and death.

“Not having shoes means there could be a lot of injury, there could be infection and from infection, it could lead to amputation or even death,” she explains. “It’s easy for us to just go and get a pair of shoes, but it isn’t for those who are living in poverty in Africa.”

Folks can donate new or used shoes directly to Soles for Jesus in Milwaukee by sending them to:

Soles for Jesus, Inc.

8480 N. 87th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53224

You can also make monetary donations online by visiting the Soles for Jesus site and clicking the Take Action tab at the top of the screen.

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