Fitness Friday: Stadium stair workout


KIMT News 3 – Stadiums aren’t just for cheering on football teams any more! They can be your own personal training facility.

Let’s break down our circuit. We have six exercises that you’ll do as fast as you can with minimal rest in between, twenty reps each. Then at the end of those, you’ll run up and down the stairs five times.

First, we’ll take it easy with bleacher tuck-ups. Extend your legs out, balancing in a hollow position, then bring knees back into your chest. To up the challenge factor, don’t hold onto the step for support.

Next, single leg lunges. Put one foot on the bleacher and get into a lunge, then lower yourself down without letting your knee move past your foot.

Don’t forget to switch sides.

Now, drop and give me 20! Push-ups are inevitable in most workouts, so no complaining please, these are good for you.

Feel free to do exercises anywhere in the stadium, just keep in mind, eventually you’ll have to start way down at the bottom for your run.

Moving on to something from my past. It’s called the backwards bear walk and it’s pretty much like it sounds. You just crawl up the steps on your hands and feet. This is actually kind of tricky, but it works your entire body especially your core.

Try this one in between any one of the exercises.

Next, go back to arms and crank out some tricep dips.

Then this last thing, before the run will really get your legs fired up. Jump up to each step and land with your feet together on one jump, then land with them apart in a wide squat on the next.

Continue with that all the way up to the top, then come back down.

Now you can start on those runs. You can either take one step at a time super quick, or you can take every other stair.

Just keep up your momentum, and be careful on the descent. Take a breath, then go again four more times.

That’s one set! Try for three total circuits, then walk away feeling like a champ.

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