Iowa lawmaker charged with sex abuse


GARNER, Iowa – State Representative Henry Rayhons of Garner has been charged with 3rd degree sexual abuse.

Rayhons is accused of having sex with his wife, Donna when she lacked the cognitive ability to consent to sexual activity.  Authorities say in March 2014, Donna Rayhons was moved out of the Garner residence she shared with her husband and into the Concord Care Center.  On May 15th, during a care plan meeting between center staff and Donna’s family, Henry Rayhons was reportedly told his wife could no longer consent to sex.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation says on May 23rd, Henry Rayhons had sex with his wife in her room at the care center.  Authorities say surveillance video shows Rayhons leaving Donna’s room, and discarding her undergarments into a hallway laundry bag.  According to court records, Rayhons confessed to having sex with his wife during an interview on June 12th, and to having a copy of the documentation that she lacked the mental capacity to consent.

Rayhons was arrested Friday, and booked into the Hancock County Jail on $10,000 bond.  His lawyer, Joel Yunek has issued a statement that reads, in part, “Accusing a spouse of a crime for continuing a relationship with his spouse in a nursing home seems to us to be incredibly illogical and unnatural, as well as incredibly hurtful.”

Donna Rayhons passed away August 8th.

Rayhons announced in early August that he was not running for re-election

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