‘Surgical X-Games’

Surgical X Games

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Mayo Clinic medical residents are testing their knowledge in a friendly competition, called “Surgical X-Games.”

They have five stations to perform various tasks, including x-rays, tying surgical knots and performing surgeries with things like felt and hot dogs. The residents have 15 minutes at each of the five stations to get the tasks accomplished.

“We have duty hour regulations, so they have less time in the hospital. We’re hopeful that we can practice on a model, a mannequin, a cadaver, an animal, on something other than a live human and practice them up,” said Dr. David Farley, Director of Simulation Surgery at Mayo Clinic.

There is data to learn from when the day is over.

“We’re going to get objective feedback that, no question, you’re the best or you’re not the best. Or you need help with this, or this is fantastic. This really allows me and other staff people to say, you know what, we don’t need to waste any time teaching this. They know this, but we need a lot of help with this,” Farley said.

They do this twice a year, with the next session in February. Farley said there may be some mistakes this time around, but they hope to have them fixed by the next one.

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