A Kids Day at Kinnick to Remember

Shaver Pics 8-16-14.mov

For an 11-year-old Mason City girl, Maree Scholl, Saturday was an unforgettable experience.

She was lucky to attend the Iowa football team’s Kids Day at Kinnick,  Scholl was announced a Kid Captain for the Hawkeyes when they face the Gophers.

Scholl then met the team and coaches, hung out in the locker room  and even ran out of the tunnel. But, when it comes to who was one of the toughest ones on the field, Scholl might be even tougher than some of the guys.

Last summer, a playground accident nearly cost Scholl her life. She fractured her skull in four places. Scholl was airlifted immediately and spent one week in the hospital. But, as you can see from the smile in her pictures, her recovery’s gone well, despite moderate hearing loss.

Overall, Scholl calls Saturday an unforgettable experience. She said the locker room, and getting some cool stuff were her favorite parts.

Check out the video for the story.

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