Authorities are cracking down on buckling up

Officials cracking down on buckling up

MASON CITY, Iowa – Extra patrols have been sent out on area roads to make sure that motorists are buckling up and driving safely.

In a 24 hour time period, officers with the Mason City Police Department pulled over more than seven motorists for seat belt violations. No tickets have been issued for any of the seven traffic stops, however authorities believe that simply pulling the driver over will teach them a lesson, and reminds them to buckle up before hitting the road.

Officer Terrence Prochaska with the Mason City Police Department says he is always amazed at the amount of effort people put into hiding the fact that they are not buckled up, rather than just being safe while driving around.

“We see it all,” he says. “We’ve seen the under the shoulder, people pulling it just around their arm and a lot of times we see what we call the ‘scratching behind the ear’ when they go by, thinking that it covers it up.” He says those techniques rarely work to trick authorities, and rarely help keep you safe.

Prochaska tells us that officers specifically trained in seat belt traffic stops will be patrolling more and more thanks to the “Click It or Ticket” campaign across Iowa.

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