Higher alcohol content in wine



GARNER, Iowa- You may have noticed that your favorite wines may be more bitter than they use to be. That’s because several wines are starting to contain a higher alcohol content.

The reason why wine is having a higher alcohol content is not because of the winemaker, but because climate change is making grapes produce more sugar. When the sugar ferments over time it creates alcohol.

Mark Anewman, a local winemaker says that this is a problem he has been facing for a while. He has changed the irrigation of his grapes to try and combat the issue saying, by adding water, you can dilute some of the sugar that is produced.

He also says, or you can choose a different type of wine.

“I select the yeast variety that will die at about 10 to 12 percent alcohol because if you get too much alcohol in wine, it’s not pleasant to drink,” says Anewman. “I don’t think so anyway.”

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