Local thefts cause concern


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The Anchor Inn, in Clear Lake is the latest area establishment to fall victim to theft.

“I found out when I went to look in the cabinets to do something, that the liquor had been stolen and the kegs taken out of the kegerator,” says Anchor Inn Owner, John Berhow.

This past weekend, someone raided their patio space of alcohol and beer company property sometime after they closed up shop late Saturday night.

“It’s disheartening that there are things like this going on in the community, even though we don’t have a big crime rate,” says Berhow.

While authorities say this is an on-going issue, Berhow isn’t the only theft they’ve seen lately.

“Clear Lake is usually a very low crime area, but we have been seeing a few home break-ins, vehicle break-ins, and theft of property from yards,” says Clear Lake Police Department Patrol Officer, Eric Hythecker.

He says make sure to lock up homes and vehicles, just in case and know what criminals would look for.

“Certainly be aware of what things you do have that could be targets, and make sure that they’re locked up. We encourage businesses and, even residential areas to have security lighting. Make sure that you’re aware of what could be items of interest to these criminals,” says Hythecker.

One thing is for sure, community members need to keep a watchful eye for suspicious activity at all times.

“We all have to watch out for each other. If there’s any suspicious activity, let somebody know, or call the police department so we can take care of these things,” says Berhow.

That’s especially true because law enforcement says they can only watch so much.

“We do need people’s help out there because we’re actively patrolling, and we’re actively looking for people breaking into things, but at the same time we can’t be everywhere,” says Hythecker.

He says there is no need for panic, but doing these simple precautions is always a good idea. If you ever see suspicious activity, contact your local police department right away.

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