Take caution near fresh road paint


KIMT News 3 – They’re painting streets and roads all across our area and if you’re not careful, your car could end up with a fresh coat as well.

In Winnebago County, city workers are repainting center lines and intersections to make them more visible at night.

Other counties across our area are also working to maintain their roadways.

Motorists are encouraged to avoid painting operations, and never drive between the paint truck and warning vehicle.

“It’s the people who are too inpatient, or it comes up on them too fast and they get paint on their vehicles. It comes off if you clean it right away, or if you use a body surface on it. It does come off, but it is a pain and an inconvenience for everybody. It’s best if you can try and avoid these issues, then it’s good for everybody,” said Winnebago County Engineer, Scott Meinders.

Painting is expected to last one week in Winnebago County. With other counties, that schedule may vary.

If you do get any unwanted paint on your vehicle, Meinders says to try to remove it quickly, since the paint settles within 30 minutes.

“If you get in between the two vehicles, the paint will be wet. So I think the best thing to do is to either avoid the painting operations altogether, or wait until you have enough sight distance where you can pass both vehicles at once,” said Meinders.

Winnebago County like other counties, are covered for insurance purposes when it comes to any damage on cars.



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