Iowa’s tornado season not exactly living up to the hype


MASON CITY, Iowa – This year was predicted to be an active one for tornadoes in the state of Iowa. In-fact the state is among the top ten tornado states, at least according to

But is the weather living up to the hype?

At the beginning of the tornado season Iowans were told to brace themselves for what was predicted to be a busy tornado season.

According to the National Weather Service there have already been 52 tornadoes in the state.

While that number may seem high, most of them have been EF0 or EF1 tornadoes.

We spoke with Emergency Management Coordinator, Steve O’Neil who said this is one of the slowest seasons we’ve seen in a while.

“We had that scare at the beginning, those two small tornadoes north of town, did pretty good damage. But then after that, it turned into a real nice summer,” he explains.

North Iowa has only experienced a handful of twisters. One was an EF0 which hit Mason City on June 16, the other an EF1 which hit Clear Lake on the same day.

However, even though this summer has been slow as far as tornadoes, O’Neil says the threat is not over yet.

“Spring is our really active time, but then fall is really a second time where things can be really active. We have those changing conditions real quick, so just because it’s been quiet doesn’t mean we can’t finish strong in September and October,” O’Neil adds.

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