New floor for Roller City


MASON CITY, Iowa –  Roller City is a business that brings all generations back to the good old days.

“I loved it. We had a lot of good times here. We stayed late, and they used to have lock-ins where you’d roller skate all night long,” said Joe Garcia from Mason City.

For Garcia looking upon the Roller rink brings him back to the past, no matter what year it is.

“I saw on Facebook that they were having a grand opening,or something like that, and it took me back to when it first opened up. The smell is fresh, brand new again.”

“When my wife and I first bought the rink in December of 2011, we really honestly thought it was something to provide for our families, and serve the community. We did not realize we had a culture. We bought into this huge culture,” said Tyler Anderson, owner of Roller City.

After three years of owning the place, Anderson, with the help of many friends and staff decided to make some changes.  They re-furbished the skate floor and decided to host a grand opening to celebrate all their hard work.

“It’s was so tricky for us, because we wanted to restore it, not so much update it, because we want that retro feel,” said Anderson.

From the looks of it, they accomplished just that.

“It’s been amazing.” they say. It takes an army to raise a kid and it takes an army to raise a local community business.”

Anderson says 498 people participated in the Grand Opening Open Skate.  The new floor took two weeks to install.  The $5,000 project was mainly funded through fundraising events.

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