Searching for the ugliest tackle box


MASON CITY, Iowa – One man’s tackle box is another man’s treasure, right?

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is searching for the ugliest tackle box and would like your help.  If you or a member of your family is a fisherman, it’s likely that you have a tackle box in the garage or basement, and if it’s ugly enough, you could win a ‘brand spanking new’ one.

The Iowa DNR has asked folks to send them a photo of their ugly tackle box.

Starting Wednesday, Facebook followers can vote for the ugliest one on the DNR page.

Communication Specialist, Jessie Brow with Iowa DNR, says so far the entries have been funny and comical.

“We’ve seen tackle boxes that people have had in their families for 45 to 50 years or the ones that they’ve been using since they were kids. One came in from snoopy, it’s a good 30 years old.”

More than 20 people have submitted photos of their very own “ugly” tackle boxes.

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