Parent seeks harsher penalties


RICEVILLE, Iowa – The teacher-student relationship is one of the most valued in our country and that’s why one parent is looking for harsher penalties for a teacher who allegedly took the relationship way too far.

A little over a year has passed, and to the disappointment of at least one parent, the teacher accused of making inappropriate comments about her student is still teaching.

Back in August of 2013, English teacher Robin Kuhn of the Riceville Community School District was accused of making comments about wanting to sleep with one of her then-students, a 16-year-old.

The parent of the teen, filed a report to the school requesting an investigation.

She felt they didn’t do enough however, so she took her claim to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners office.

If one situation can be overlooked, who’s to say there aren’t any more. That’s the message from one family at least, as they try to find more answers as to why one teacher was not given a harsher penalty.

In February, the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners office issued a report saying they did find probable cause to pursue an investigation.

By the end of their investigation, the board charged Kuhn with one count of unethical practice toward a student and one count of incompetence.

They did decline however, to mention whether there will be an ongoing investigation following the ethics training Kuhn has agreed to do.

We spoke with the parent who lodged the complaint.

She says she was surprised to see how relaxed Kuhn’s punishment was.

Investigative documents show she won’t be suspended if she completes 15 hours in “Ethics for Educators” training, as well as complete personal boundaries counseling on her dime.

Since she’s back in the classroom, this parent feels it sends the wrong message about the safety of their children in school.

No civil or criminal charges are being brought against Kuhn at the moment.

We did reach out to the superintendent of Riceville schools, Steve Nicholson who tells us they cannot comment on any personnel issues.

He also says they concluded any investigation, when the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners took over.

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