Soldier service not forgotten


KIMT News 3 – As a show of respect to our fallen men and women in the armed forces, one group is helping give them the recognition they deserve.

These markers help represent where our veterans served in their military careers, as well as what branch of the military they served in.

The markers are also reinforced in the foundation to avoid any thefts.

One former veteran who heads up the program, says he’s proud to see families who want to recognize their loved ones for their service.

“These markers will show what branch they participated in and that’s important to some people. If they don’t have the markings, this will show what era of combat that they were in,” said Mitchell County Veterans Affairs Director, Larry Klemesrud.

To be eligible for the markers, you have to have served in combat or be retired from the military with 20 years of service.

“I was very proud of my service and what I did for my country. I would be very happy that my family and my in-laws, outlaws or whatever, friends will able to do this in honor of me,” said Klemesrud.

If you have a loved-one or know of someone who served in the military and does not have a military marker at their grave site, contact Larry at 641-832-2920.

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