The sound of the cicadas


MASON CITY, Iowa – Maybe you’ve heard them while you’ve been out and about, the cicadas are pretty active as of late, but does hearing the bugs mean that frost is just a few weeks away?

According to folklore, the sound of the cicadas signals that the first frost is less than 90 days away.

We wanted to find out if there really is a legitimate connection between the two events.

We spoke with a local ISU Extension Office and as it turns out, despite what many believe, there really isn’t.

“There’s no myth, those events both happen. People do hear cicadas and we do get a frost, there is really no correlation between the two. One doesn’t really signal the other, anymore than spring signals that summer is coming,” explains John Sjolinder, Director of the Cerro Gordo County Extension Office.

He says for a more accurate prediction of when the frost will hit, it’s best to look at historical data.

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