Want to monitor your kid’s cell phone? There’s an app for that

MASON CITY, Iowa – Cell phones have become a huge part of most American’s day-to-day life. Even children are now carrying mobile devices to keep in touch with their families.

It can be tough for parents to know just exactly what their kids are doing on their cell phones, that’s where monitoring apps come in handy.

In today’s world, it’s hard to find a teen that doesn’t have some kind of smart phone.

Many parents worry about how they can keep their kids safe on these devices.

The answer? There’s an app for that, there are several actually .

“We all have to realize that our smart phones are mini computers,” explains Sara Broers.

Broers is a social media consultant and mother of two. She highly suggests any parent whose teen has a smart phone, look into some type of monitoring application.

“The new school year is upon us, new school schedules, new friends, new classes, new activities, new things for everyone. The school year brings a fresh start for everyone. Start by having everyone in tune with everyone by knowing where everyone is and where they’re going,” Broers explains.

The most recent app of this kind was developed by a mom and it’s called “Ignore No More.”

“You can literally lock the teens phone so your teen can’t use their phone, use it at all; no Facebook, no games, no nothing, until they call a number to get a code and then they have to call mom,” says Broers.

One draw-back, this app is only available for Androids.

However, there are similar monitoring apps available for almost any smart phone.

“Life 360” allows you to monitor your kids using GPS. You can also set it up to get an alert when your kids enter a certain zone, like home for example.

Using the “Life 360” app also lets you see where your child has been.

“Mama Bear” is another free app that allows you to monitor your kids using GPS.

This app also gives you a look at what your children are up to online. Using the app with this feature keeps watch over your kids Facebook feed.

“The reality is, you’re paying the phone bill, you own the phone, so if there are issues that come up, you are the one that’s responsible,” adds Broers.

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