ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaing continuing to be successful, despite some criticism


DES MOINES, Iowa – It’s been taking over social media for the past several weeks, and now we’re learning how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge will benefit those suffering from the disease locally.

If you’re one of the few who haven’t heard, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign that has been raising awareness and funds for the ALS Association. Folks can choose to take the challenge, donate to, or do both.

Since the onset that started a few weeks ago, more than $40 million has been raised.

We spoke to a local chapter who says they’re trying to figure out how to best use donations to help those suffering from ALS nationwide.

“This has hit us really fast, and it’s amazing. Right now we’re strategizing [on] the most effective ways to invest the generous outpouring of support that will make the biggest difference in the fight against ALS,” explains Abigail Costigan, the Des Moines Chapter Coordinator for ALSA.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has received some criticism though, because you can opt out of donating by doing the challenge, but the ALSA says the awareness that the disease is getting because of this challenge is just as valuable.

“If somebody can’t, or doesn’t donate after they dump an ice bucket of cold water on their head, you know as long as they’re doing it and they’re posting it to the Facebook page, and it makes one more person curious about what ALS actually is, that’s great too,” Costigan explains.


ALSA Iowa Chapter:


ALSA Minnesota Chapter:

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