Emerald Ash Borer hits our area


KIMT News 3 – The Emerald Ash Borer has spread dramatically throughout the country in recent years, and has reached our area.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says that the invasive species has made it’s way to Olmsted County and has started to infest local trees.

Olmsted joins, Hennepin, Winona, Ramsey and Houston counties as the areas affected by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Minnesota currently has the largest population of ash trees in the country making it a hot bed state, but experts say there are still ways to protect your home from the insect.

“The experts say that we want to limit the use of pesticides in the groundwater. Therefore, they say don’t treat on your own property until it’s within 15 miles of your given area,” said Tree Care Specialist, Jesse Fox with Arbor Master and Cutting Edge Tree Services.

The first step of course is to identify any ash trees on your property.

Ash trees have five or more spade shaped leaves per branch, the branches are also symmetrical with leaves opposite one another.

Finally, the ash tree features bark that is diamond shaped in texture on mature trees, and, smooth on trees less than 10 inches in diameter.

“When we see it pop up in Rochester, Waterloo or Waverly, we see that it’s moving along the roadways, and that’s due to human activity transporting firewood,” said Fox.

For treatment options, Fox says trunk injections are more effective and environmentally friendly than household products.

Fox says the other benefit is that, the injections can be applied before Emerald Ash Borers reach the 15 mile radius.

For more information, contact Jesse Fox with Arbor Master at (641) 512-0370.






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