Hardy making full recovery


MASON CITY – A local man is beating the odds, only weeks after falling 40 feet onto concrete.

He was given a fraction of a percentage to make a full recovery after the fall, but Kevin Hardy of Mason City says he knows more than luck was on his side that day.

Back in July, Hardy was working to remove limbs from a tree as part of his tree removal service; Cutting Edge Tree Service, when a safety line came apart.

Hardy plunged 40 feet before falling on a slab of concrete near the tree.

His injuries included several broken ribs, broken shoulders and puncture wounds to his lungs.

By the time Hardy was in the air, he says he does not recall what happened, until the helicopter landed.

Hardy says he felt almost no pain while on the ground, but knew something was wrong when he could not get back up.

What made matters worse for Hardy that day is that it happened to be “Bring you Kid to Work Day”. Unfortunately his 9-year-old daughter saw the entire ordeal right before her eyes.

Now Hardy is back home after only a short period of time in the hospital, and he says he couldn’t thank the community enough for all their support.

“The prayers really came from all over the country. It’s hard for me to come up with the words to describe just how powerful this recovery has been to myself, my family and everyone around,” said Hardy.

Once Hardy makes a full recovery, he says he plans on getting back to work in the tree removal business.

This time however, he intends on doing less hands-on work and make more time for family.

“All the support has been overwhelming in a good sense. The healing, the prayers, everything has been overwhelming. It’s hard to come up with the words, because words can’t describe how powerful the public has been,” said Hardy.

Hardy says this has been an emotional time for everyone involved, including his staff.

In the time since he’s been out of commission, he says the staff has stepped in tremendously to make up for his absence, and have continued to provide service to his customers.

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