Beat the Heat

KIMT News 3- The weather has been warming up this week. We caught up with a couple of people who told us how they are beating the heat.

Grace Sanchez from Clear Lake was at the beach on Friday with her family.  She says getting to the water is most important when it is this hot, as well as getting outside to the beach.

“We played in the sprinkler, we played in the water, and we jumped off the dock until we saw a fish, and were too scared to jump off anymore,” Sanchez said.

Tomorrow Hathaway of Clear Lake was also at the beach.  She was jumping in the sprinklers and having a good time.

“Sometimes we set up the pool at home, or the sprinkler, or we have a slip ‘n slide, but I think the beach is the best way to beat the heat,” said Tomorrow Hathaway.

Others just wanted to get some ice cream. Angela Haugen says that people really like to stop by Scooby Doo’s in Forest City when the heat starts to pick up.

“Everyone comes in here just to get some ice cream. Its hot outside. They don’t want to be out there, they don’t want to run, they don’t want to do anything outside, so they come in for a special treat,” Haugen said.

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