Bringing boulders to climb


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – A local teacher is asking his fellow community members to climb to the top, literally!  As he’s proposing a rock climbing project to be built in town.

Robert Pittman, a social studies teacher at Charles City High School, is asking the community to help invest in a rock climbing project that he would love to see built near the Cedar River.

He’s already pitched the idea to the park board, and now he’s seeking funds.  Pittman says he feels it would be a great asset to Charles City’s outdoor possibilities.

“I also thought just bringing it up with the students, I see about 200 students every single day and they were like that would be awesome to have.  It would give them another thing to do.”

Pittman says the boulders would be 10 to 11 feet tall.  He says that way no harnesses will have to be used. If you would like to donate to the cause you contact Pittman at

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