International students make campus debut


FOREST CITY, Iowa – Students from all over the world are set to begin classes at area colleges, which means getting used to American culture in a hurry.

Waldorf College in Forest City boasts one of the highest rates of international student enrollments in our area.

One resident advisor we spoke to, who also happens to be an international student, says it’s all about experiencing cultures other than your own.

He says while it can be challenging adjusting to things like harsh winters, language and other cultural norms, it’s all worth it.

“They come from all over the world. They have different religions to follow and different cultures, so relating to these differences can be tough,” said Waldorf Resident Advisor, Juan Roa.

Juan says the biggest draw for many of these students is the opportunity to participate in sports and other activities, while getting their degrees.

He says in his home country of Columbia, they only have the choice of one or the other.

Juan is an avid golfer, and was recruited to play for Waldorf from Columbia.

After spending a little over a year in the United States, Juan says he is able to better relate to students, and give them advice.

His best advice for international students struggling with English, is to visit the writing center on campus. There they can hone their writing skills, and learn to write papers in English.

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