Local family impacted by GM recall


KIMT News 3 –  The Ploeger family drives a 2008 Chevy Impala and uses it as their primary vehicle to take their two children from place-to-place. They felt that it was a reliable car until they got a recall notice in the mail late last week.

“It just said that my vehicle was added to the recall list for the ignition switch problems that they have been having,” says Melissa Ploeger.

Since then, it hasn’t been sitting well with them.

“To be honest, I was scared because this is our primary vehicle, we have two children and one on the way,” says Ploeger.

The recall stated that they strongly advise people to remove all items from the key ring.

“The letter says that I needed to remove everything from the key ring, including the key ring itself and use nothing but the key in the ignition, and it should be safe,” says Ploeger.

According to GM, the added weight could pull the key away from the run position and thereby turns the engine off. That would mean disabling power steering, power breaks, seatbelts and airbags.

“It’s not safe, they said even going down a bumpy road, could dislodge the key,” says Ploeger.

Those with GM say they performed their largest safety review ever, and tested the faulty ignitions in cars using the single key.

“When the tested vehicles were driven with only the ignition key, the vehicles passed every test administered,” says Alan Adler with GM Media Relations.

These statement’s still leave the Ploeger’s feeling uneasy.

“I don’t trust it, it’s not safe,” says Ploeger.

And she’s not even sure when she will be able to get it fixed. Part of the recall notice states that the parts are currently not available. GM says once all three million vehicle owners receive their notice, they will notify them when the parts are ready. Until then, they are just being patient and hoping that those parts will be made available soon.

To find out if your GM car has a recall listed, follow these links:



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