Back to school nutrition


KIMT News 3 – School mornings always tend to be a little hectic, but making time for a good breakfast is the best thing you can do to help your kids start their day off the right way.

Registered Dietician, Jess Palvinec at Hy-Vee East in Mason City has some suggestions for quick, healthy meals and snacks
Toast is always a morning go-to, but give it a boost by making the bread whole grain and adding peanut butter or Nutella on top. You can also add in fresh fruit paired with a glass of milk.

Palvinec said you should aim for a meal with fiber and protein to tide kids over until lunch time.

For a snack, she suggests cutting up apples and dipping them in peanut butter, or having hummus with veggies or whole wheat crackers.
It’s also a good idea to stay away from a lot of sugar early in the morning, so Jess says many of our favorite cereals may not be the best choice.

“I would stay away from the really high sugary cereals,  your Capn’ Crunch and all that stuff. Aim for cereals that have at least 3 grams of fiber in them per-serving, so you’re going to get some fiber and try to look for  9-11 grams of sugar, something along those lines. You’re going to get more fiber and stay full for longer.”

Planning and packing meals ahead of time can help parents know what their child is eating for lunch and snacks.

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