Class size is still on the rise

Austin High School

AUSTIN, Minn. – Class sizes have been on the rise in Austin for more than five years. New numbers show that trend is continuing.

The last five years have seen an increase of more than 85 students each year according to a study by a state official. The same can be said this school year.

“We’ve been growing for probably the past eight years, which is really unusual for an out-state district. But we have really stable employment in Austin. Our birthrates are a little bit higher than normal,” said Austin Public Schools Finance and Operations Director, Mark Stotts.

The most recent numbers show after this school year, growth should slow down. Stotts said that is why changes are not necessary.

“We’re going to grow over the next five years as a district, but it’s not going to be as fast. With the addition of the new building last year and so forth, we’re in a great position to handle all the growth,” Stotts said.

The incoming kindergarten class is expected to go down in numbers after this school year. Because of the large kindergarten classes in the recent past, Stotts said the high school will probably grow in numbers for the next decade before leveling out.

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