Fitness Friday: Next Level Extreme Fitness

KIMT News 3 – Before the class gets going Manager and Trainer, Nikki Carney helps me with a few basic moves, and then it’s time to get going.

Next Level Extreme Fitness is a 10-week program that includes cardio kickboxing and boot camp classes where you move non-stop for an hour at super-high intensity.

On Friday’s, they do what’s called the Gauntlet. Basically, at the end of the week when you feel as if you don’t have anything left, they drag it out of you.

Manager and Trainer, Nikki Carney said “It really tears your body down in a good way, and you see results really fast because it’s such high intensity and hard.”

When you come to class, be prepared with either boxing gloves, wraps, or both.

Nikki said these full-body classes are different every day, so you’re sure to stick with the program.

“We do weights, we have bands, we have wall-balls, we do a lot of steps, ladders hurdles, that kind of stuff.”

The only kicker with this is, that you must enroll in the 10-week session to attend classes, and for good reason.

“It is very important that you have your form down before you get on the bag and start to go crazy. There’s a lot of injuries that can come if you have improper form.”

Therefore we always have two instructors who’ve been through the Next Level Extreme Training Program. They’re not only there to motivate, but keep you safe too.

There’s also multiple class options, childcare services, and even nutrition help so really, there’s nothing stopping you putting on the gloves and breaking a sweat.

Nikki said “Basically, we take out every excuse that is out there, or at least we try to anyway.”

After an hour, everyone in class is exhausted, but they made it all the way through as a team.

When the ten weeks is up, Nikki said you’ll see a physical and mental transformation, but you’ll also gain so much more.

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