Man faces charges of animal cruelty for attempting to incinerate pets


OLMSTED COUNTY, Minn. – Animal cruelty charges are pending following an investigation involving a Mayo Clinic employee and his pets.

According to law enforcement officials, the employee allegedly beat his dog to death with a stick and shot his cat somewhere in Mower County.

Their corpses were later transported, by the employee to the Mayo Clinic Incinerator located near County Road 16.

The man was spotted by a witness who saw the employee entering the facility over the weekend.

Olmsted county officials say they were able to reach the man before the pets were incinerated.

Authorities have yet to release the employee’s name.

They do say however, in order to make it onto the property, the employee would have needed prior clearance to be there.

The facility is meant to dispose of the nearly 17 tons of waste generated by the Mayo Medical Center on a daily basis.

The Mower County and Olmsted County Sheriffs office, say that little is known as to why this person intended on incinerating their pets. We will have those details as soon as they become available.

Although the incident took place roughly an hour apart in two different counties, Mower County officials say they will be taking charge of the investigation.

They say they are still in the process of bringing charges of animal cruelty against the man.

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