Not too late for rain


KIMT News 3 – The rain seemed to pour and pour over the weekend, and for local farmers the much needed moisture comes right in time.

Some of us saw as much as four inches of rain over the weekend.

Area farmers tell us the wet conditions came just in time, and they should be able to avoid drought troubles.

This late in the summer, we can usually expect to see hot weather and extremely dry conditions.

This time around farmers say crops are expected to make a full recovery.

“Anytime you can get a rain in August, it definitely helps the crop out. This year with June being so wet, the corn especially was really shallow-rooted and didn’t have the ability to hold moisture out of the ground as it got dry. So this definitely helps it out,” said area farmer, Kevin Pope.

Kevin also mentions that we should not expect to see a record harvest this year by any means, but he anticipates good numbers during the harvest season.

“We definitely needed this to salvage what was out there. I think we’re in really good shape now,” said Pope.

According to Pope, we should expect a high-yield from soybean production which has made great strides this growing season.

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