Good yields, bad prices


KIMT News 3 – As harvest season approaches and crops are maturing, it has many speculating on this year’s yields. Experts are saying it’s looking like one of the most promising yields in recent years. However, that doesn’t necessarily hold true around here, and what’s worse, pocket books could be taking a hit.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year for farmers in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

“We’ve had another eventful season. It seems like we live in a world of volatility and extremes of weather anymore,” says Clear Lake farmer, Chuck Grove.

From a wet start to the not so seasonal temperatures, farmers like Grove, have conquered one obstacle after another. Now that harvest is getting closer, it sounds like yields are higher than ever, or are they?

“Nationwide I would agree, we probably have a monster of a corn crop, but not everyone is blessed with the record crops on their own farm,” says Grove.

While he says his crop is looking respectable, he and fellow farmers face a not so respectable payout.

“$3.71 per bushel, the last time I checked,” says Grove.

With all things considered, he estimates a break-even price of $4.50 to $5.00 a bushel for corn for most farmers. While there’s still time, it isn’t looking like prices will get that high.

“When you see lots of corn for sale, you’re not going to get a whole lot for the corn,” says Iowa State Extension Office Director, John Sjolinder.

“Just the harvest pressure, knowing that there’s going to be plenty of new corn available, the buyers aren’t willing to bid up very much,” says Grove.

For now, he says they have to make the most of the last few weeks and see what the markets have in store.

“There’s a little bit of uncertainty about a lot of things right now,” says Grove.

He also wants to let drivers know that in a few weeks that big machinery will be on the road again, so be sure to keep an eye out, and drive safe.

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